Country of Origin: United Kingdom
I'm into football (Cerezo Osaka/ Norwich) drinking wine and listening to music.


My story

I came to Japan in 2004 because I met quite a lot of lovely Japanese people at University and they persuaded me to come and live in Japan for a while. Most of my Japanese friends from uni were from Tokyo so I originally wanted to go there but I was sent to Beppu in Oita prefecture! I was a little nervous at first but Beppu was amazing and it still today is a special place for me.
I loved my time in Beppu and I didn’t want to leave Japan so I decided to stay longer in this country. I found a job in Osaka and really enjoyed life here in this great city. I joined OEC and met loads of great people and still to this day enjoy everyday life here in deep Osaka.
Of course some things surprised me about Japan when I first moved here but I had a lot of Japanese friends so they helped me settle down. They showed me some good places to go and some nice, local bars and restaurants. It is really nice to have a local pub that you can feel at home in even though it is halfway across the world from where you are from! To walk into a bar and have people know your name and what you want to order is truly a great feeling!
I also love football and I was worried that I would miss football so much coming to Japan but actually football is very popular here! I became a fan of the local team here in Osaka (Cerezo Osaka!) and go to a lot of matches which is great because I can feel the football culture which makes me feel more at home?
I think it is really important to have local friends when you travel or live abroad. They can help you so much with the culture and language and make you feel more comfortable and appreciative of where you are living.
I`m a positive bloke and I always wake up in the morning feeling thankful of my surroundings. I know living in a foreign country is challenging and sometimes things frustrate me but I realize this is normal when traveling so I tell myself to respect the local culture. I`m very happy working here at OEC and look forward to meeting more of you lovely Osakans!


My story(和訳)