Country of Origin: United States
I'm into anime, manga, and Japanese music.


My story

I can’t quite recall my first encounter with Japan, it all just happened very naturally. My parents had started learning Japanese and I grabbed my first Hiragana cards in 3rd grade. I still remember learning the “Ne” because it looked like N-e in English. Since then I’ve watched animes, read many mangas, and listened to even more Japanese music. Kouhaku was part of our family’s end of the year and every summer vacation we would take a trip to somewhere in Japan. We’ve been to almost every prefecture except Okinawa!

People always ask me, what culture shock have you experienced? The answer is: none. I pretty much grew up with Japan and Japanese always a part of me. I was soaking in onsens before I was 10, took Japanese classes from 14, bought my own yukata at 16, and definitely know more Japanese celebrities then I do American ones. I’m a terrible representative of America, but I’m the prime example of a Japanophile (someone who loves Japan).

The story has become too long, simply put: Japan has always felt like another home to me, it was only natural that I would eventually come.

And I love it!

My story(和訳)