Country of Origin: Iceland
I'm into watching horror movies, design and vintage/retro shopping.


My story

I have been living in Japan since August 2012 . I first came as an exchange student. When I finished my studies I wanted to try to find a job in Japan. I started to work for OEC in Spring 2014.

Japan is very different from my home country, Iceland. First of all Iceland has no trains, and riding a bicycle is very difficult because of the weather. So everyone uses a car to get around. I usually ride my bicycle every day in Japan, which is very nice. My house is very far from the train station, so on rainy days I sometimes have to ride the bus to get to the station. I really love the trains in Japan because they are very clean, very convenient and always on time!

Another thing that is different between Iceland and Japan is that in Japan there are so many people. My whole country has the same population as Ibaraki-city in Osaka, only around 300.000 people. That’s why places in Iceland rarely get crowded and everyone has a lot of space! A normal house in Iceland is very large. It has a living room and sometimes a dining room too. There is also a kitchen and a bedroom for every member of the family. The houses in Japan are very small, including my house. But the best thing about living in a small house is that it is quick and easy to clean.

In my small house I have one husband and two cats. We all share one large room and a small kitchen. There is no space for a bathtub, so we only have a shower. Icelandic people really like baths, because like Japan Iceland has a lot of natural hot springs. Almost every house in Iceland has a bathtub, and it is very common to take a relaxing bath after work in the evening. Most people take a shower in the morning. Some Icelandic people also go swimming in public pools in the morning before going to work. The pools in Iceland also use hot spring water so you can go swimming even in winter. There are also jacuzzis and a sauna that everyone can use freely. I miss the Icelandic swimming pools, and I rarely have time to go to Japanese hot springs.

In Japan I try to cook every day. Icelandic people eat a lot of fast food during the week, because there are many restaurants in the city that sell all kinds of food, from Mexican to Turkish, and even sushi! I like cooking at home and it is also better for my wallet. I sometimes try to cook Japanese food, such as ‘shogayaki’ and ‘yakisoba’. I really love Japanese curry so I often make it. It is very easy to make! I also like going out to eat, and Osaka has many great restaurants. Eating out in Japan is less expensive than in Iceland, and there are so many places to choose from. I usually go to a new restaurant once a week, but I also have some favorite restaurants I go to regularly. I sometimes buy convenience store meals too, because they are very delicious.

When I’m not at work I have various hobbies. I like to watch movies, especially horror movies. I also like to read books and comics. Sometimes on my day off I go on long bicycle rides with my husband, to explore or check out parks or go shopping. I live pretty close to Namba so I sometimes spend my days off window shopping and hanging out in cafes. On the weekdays the teachers sometimes go out for a drink together, and on the weekends there are parties which can get pretty lively.

My life in Japan is very fun, and I see and learn something new every day. It is very different from Iceland, but I think that makes living here more exciting.

My story(和訳)




私は夫と猫2匹とで暮らしています。大きなリビングと小さなキッチン、お風呂が無くてシャワーです。アイスランドは日本同様温泉が沢山あるので、アイスランドの人は、お風呂が大好きです。各家庭にあり、仕事後にお風呂でリラックスします。大体の人は朝シャワーして、人によっては出勤前に公共のプールでひと泳ぎします。温泉を使うので、冬も大丈夫です。ジャクジーやサウナも無料で使えます。アイスランドのプールが恋しい・・ 忙しいので、日本ではあまり温泉にも行けないし。