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My story

Hello everyone!

My name is Salem Kheraz and I am from Chicago, Illinois,USA. I have been living in Japan since July 2016. I came here in order to learn Japanese and seek work in the future. I studied computer science in University and wish to use my education in that field to pursue a career here in Japan. I hope that by being bilingual, I will be able to secure a well-paying and rewarding job in such a safe and clean country as Japan.

Growing up, I always had a passion for reading and learning about the various histories and cultures from around the world. Japan piqued my interest due to its very unique historical relationship with the rest of the world, as well as the rich and diverse culture and geography contained on a single island. The idea of such an isolated island country preserving and nurturing their culture over such a long span of time was and still is exceedingly fascinating to me.

I chose to move to Osaka because I had heard many stories of the extremely friendly people and colourful food culture. So far, I have been enjoying life to the fullest by making lots of Japanese friends and exploring the Kansai area.

The beautiful natural landscapes that Japan has to offer also drew me in. I love going hiking with friends, so this year I took a week-long trip through Wakayama to explore the Kumano Kodo World Heritage hiking area. It was truly one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. I was able to learn and see so much about Japanese culture while trekking through enchanting forests, over many misty mountains, and along pristine glimmering rivers. I will never forget the moment I reached the highest peak in the area and was able to see nothing but mountains extending all the way to the limit of the horizon. I didn’t think it was possible to fall even further into infatuation with a country, but that moment solidified my resolve to pursue a future living here in Japan.

Although living in a country so different from my own can be quite challenging at times, the rewarding feeling of learning Japanese, exploring the country, and interacting with natives here always fuels me to keep pushing on. Teaching English here in Japan is yet another great opportunity for me to interact and learn from Japanese people, as well as teach them about the culture and customs from back home. I think learning should be exciting and enjoyable above all else, so I always strive to charge my lessons with optimistic energy and an easy-going yet engaging attitude. I truly hope my students will enjoy learning from me and will remember me in the future when they use the skills and knowledge I wish so much to provide.

My story(和訳)