Country of Origin: Norway
I'm into Motorsports, video games, and snowboarding.


My story

On a typical rainy summer day in my home town of Aalesund, I stumbled upon the realization that I would graduate from university in less than a year, but I had no plan for what would come after that. I sat down to consider my possibilities, and came to the conclusion that I wanted to go somewhere very different from my home country of Norway, and try life there.

In this case, Japan was a natural choice for me. I was always fascinated by Japan in many ways, and I wanted to come here to see everything with my own eyes. Temples, shrines, palm trees, Starbucks, and massive train stations with punctual trains that will take you anywhere are all things I had never experienced in my life.

However, since I am staying in Japan for this long, it would be unfair to not give anything back. In this case, teaching English is a natural choice. English is probably not a language Japanese people will use on a daily basis, but it is a language of great opportunity. If you speak English well, the western world lies at your feet! As a fellow non native English speaker, I hope my experiences from learning English can be of help for others too.

My story(和訳)